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2019 Order of Merit

Monday 26th August 2019

2019 Order of Merit

Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs - 7th Division Team Championship

Wednesday 24th April 2019

Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs - 7th Division Team Championship Result

Silkstone qualify for YUGC 7th Division Team Championship

Thursday 11th April 2019



If you or your playing partner are FEELING UNWELL,
suffering from a cold or any symptoms of Covid 19, you
MUST NOT book a tee time but must stay away from the
golf course / clubhouse
Copies of these rules will also be displayed around the clubhouse buildings
Until further notice, the golf course will open for play at 07:30 each day (to give greens staff
1 hour to prepare the course)
Social distancing (minimum of 2m) must be practiced at all times, both on and off the course.
There are to be no social gatherings, of any size, at the facility.
To ensure social distancing is taking place, the Club will be carrying out regular patrols on
the course, car park and locker rooms
Permitted Golf and Booking

golfers per tee time are now allowed as advised by England Golf and the

Tee times will be at 8 minute intervals

Tee times may be booked up to 5 days in advance either online using our website or
by telephone from 09.00 onwards daily

Visitors who turn up without having booked a tee time will NOT be able to play

Payment by cash will NOT be accepted
- when booking a tee time payment MUST
be made
by credit/debit card

Where possible, visitors of the same household should play together
Arrival and Waiting to Play

Please try to use your own toilet facilities before you leave home!

Please park your car sensibly in alternate parking bays, or use the grassed area on
the left hand side of trees which border the car park

You should arrive ‘just in time’, change your shoes in the car park and take your
clubs home after golf

If you arrive more than 15 minutes before your tee time, you must stay in your car

Please arrange to arrive at your starting tee no more than 5 minutes before your
booked tee time

Do not change the start time you have booked

Scorecards can be collected from the bench
in front of the Club Office and
Professional's Shop
On the Course

Bring your own hand sanitizer and use regularly before, during and after your round.
If possible, sanitize your hands after each hole

Only one group is allowed on any Tee at any one time

Following completion of a hole, you must not enter the next teeing ground until all
the group in front have played their shots and have exited the teeing ground

Lost balls should be declared in line with the rules of golf to avoid delays

Only the next group to tee off is allowed on the putting green by the 1st at any time

Please leave the flag in at all times, do not touch the flag, the hole cup will be fitted
with a lifting device enabling players to remove the ball using their putter

Please ring bells using a clubhead or similar – do not touch with your hands

Raking of bunkers is still not allowed, therefore please lift & place you ball in the
hazard within 6” & no nearer the hole. Please endeavour to flatten the bunker surface
as much as possible following playing your shot.

Ball washers remain ‘out of use’, as do any benches / seats on the course

Do not pick up or touch another players equipment, golf ball, ball markers or tees

Do not pick up lost balls or discarded tees
Other Facilities

No lingering / congregating anywhere in the facilities

The Professionals shop will be open for ‘part’ of the day 08:00 to 17:00 (only 1
person plus the Pro or Assistant in the shop at any one time)

The ½ way house is now open for alcoholic, soft drinks and coffee from the machine
and a limited food menu including sandwiches, chips & snacks.

The ½ way house will be open until 4:00pm daily, however will close early if the
weather is not suitable for outdoor seating.

Visitors will be allowed into the locker rooms ONLY to use the toilets and wash their
hands (a limit of 2 people at any one time)

Club buggies / electric trollies are available to visitors
After Your Round

At the end of the game, no handshakes, kissing or hugging!

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